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Message from the Scorekeeper for U12B

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Match Results for U12B

Div. Date Time Field Home Goals Points Rec'd Red Rec'd Yellow Forfeit Away Goals Points Rec'd Red Rec'd Yellow Forfeit

Pool Team's Standings
PlacePoolTeamWinsTiesLosses Red
Other Team's

How To Calculate Points
  • 6 points for a win
  • 3 point for a tie + points for goals with a maximum of 6 points
  • 1 point for goals scored, maximum of 3
  • 1 point for a shutout - no shut out points for a 0-0 tie
  • 10 points maximum possible for each game
  • 8 points for forfeiture
  • -2 point for each send-off (red card)
Tie Breakers
  • Head-To-Head
  • Team with Lowest Goals Allowed
  • Goal Differential up to 3 points per game
  • Two Yellow Cards durning the pool play= -1 point
  • Sportsmanship Points, total from the Pool Play Games