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Columbia Park Columbia Park, Torrance, CA 90504
NOTES No dogs or any pets allowed during an AYSO function. No smoking. No BBQs of any sort allowed. Snack bar, bathrooms and porta potties. There is a park playground for those to enjoy. Various restaurants and shopping malls within a couple miles.
Toyota Sports Complex 562 Maple Ave. Torrance, CA 90503
NOTES The Toyota Sports Complex are turf fields and maintained by the City of Torrance. The following are the rules mandated by the City of Torrance for all players, participates and visitors to these fields and will be enforced and in effect for the entire duration of the tournament.: 1). Climbing the fence is prohibited. 2) No food items including gum, candy, and sunflower seeds. 3) No sports drinks or liquids other than water allowed; ONLY WATER ALLOWED 4) No glass containers or aluminum cans allowed. 5) Molded cleats or athletic shoes only. 6) Approved athletic equipment only. 7) No painting, chalking, tape or other adhesive material shall be placed on the field surface without prior approval. 8) No sharp objects that can penetrate the field surface including folding chairs with straight legs. Chairs with a wide metal base frame will be allowed. 9) No animals (except to assist persons of disability). 10) No motor vehicles allowed on the field surface except for maintenance or emergency. 11) Soccer goals must have turf wheels attached. No dragging allowed. 12) No bicycles or scooters allowed on the field surface. 13) No golfing allowed. 14) No tobacco products allowed. 15) No alcoholic beverages allowed. 16) No fireworks or any open flame allowed. 17) No use of model planes or rockets. 18) No stakes, spikes or other pointed materials may be used for anchoring anything on the athletic fields. 19). Parking will be allowed in the adjacent Court House parking lot. NO BBQs, HABACHIs OR GRILLING IS ALLOWED IN THE PARKING LOT OR GRASS AREAS
Victor Elementary School 4820 Spencer Street, Torrance, CA
NOTES Porta Potties on site. Restaurants and shopping malls with in a couple miles. No dogs or any pets allowed on school grounds. No smoking on school grounds No BBQs, habachis or grilling of any sort is allowed on school grounds.