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Columbia Park Columbia Park, Torrance, CA 90504
NOTES No pets allowed around soccer fields. This will be enforced by Tournament staff whether the park allows pets or not. Snack bar, bathrooms and porta potties. There is a park playground for those to enjoy. Various resturants and shopping malls within a couple miles.
Magruder Middle School 4100 185th St, Torrance, CA
NOTES No animals or smoking allowed on school property. Porta Potties on site. Restaurants and shopping malls with in a couple miles.
Toyota Sports Complex 555 Maple Ave Torrance CA 90503
NOTES Artificial Turf field, no staking down, tents, eazy ups, umbrellas. No animals or smoking on property. Whether there are signs posted or not, Tournament staff will enforce. Clear water only, no other drinks. No food of any kind will be allowed. No coolers are allowed.