AYSO Region 14

West Torrance Christmas Classic

2012 Team Invitation




Hello, Coaches!

AYSO Region 14 is proud to invite your team to join us in our annual Christmas Classic Tournament!!!


AYSO invitational – open to AYSO teams only from all Sections.


December 15  & 16, 2012


The tournament will be held at West High School, Victor Elementary, Arnold Elementary School, Jefferson Middle School, Alta Vista School and Columbia Park.

Absolutely under no condition is there allowed ANY DOGS OR PETS. The Torrance Unified School District prohibits dogs or any pets on campus. Also, all games played at Columbia Park prohibit dogs or any pets at the fields.

. Please leave all dogs and pets at home.  There will be no charge for parking.


AYSO boys and girls teams in age divisions U-14 (11v11) 15 players maximum, U-12   (9 v 9) 12 players maximum, and U-10 (7v7) 10 player’s maximum. Guest players are NOT ALLOWED!! All players must be registered and have played in the 2012 primary season.


Pool play tournament. Each team is guaranteed 3 games in pool play.  Two teams from each pool will advance to the medal round on Sunday afternoon. All pool play games will be as follows: U-14 will play 70 minutes; U-12 and U-10 will play 50 minutes. All games are running clock.


The AYSO Region 14 West Torrance Christmas Classic is being conducted to raise funds for field maintenance.


All of the players will receive a tournament t-shirt and a pin. All players on the 1st place teams will receive a trophy.  All players on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place teams will receive a medal.

Entry Fee, Refunds:

$450.00 for U-14, $425.00 for U-12, and $400.00 for U-10 teams.  There will be no rainout dates.  In the event of a rainout, tournament fees will be returned within 21 days, minus the cost of tournament t-shirts.

Referee Fee,Refunds:

$250.00, refundable referee deposit refundable within 14 days of the completion of the tournament. Each team that participates in the tournament is asked to provide one 3 member ref team to be assigned up to three games in another division as needed.


Please make out one regional check in the amount of $700.00 for U-14, $675.00 for U-12 or $650.00 for U-10. A Regional check must be made payable to AYSO Region 14. This fee includes a $250.00 refundable referee deposit.  ALL CHECKS MUST COME FROM THE REGION ACCOUNT. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS, MONEY ORDERS OR CASHIERS CHECKS. Make region checks payable to AYSO Region 14.


A full set of tournament rules are posted on the tournament website at www.ayso-region14.org


All fees are refundable. Entry fee is refundable in full up to 30 days before the tournament and will be mailed within 48 hours of found, less any costs to register that team. In case of bad weather (determined by the TD) refunds will be available on a prorated basis depending on how many games have been played. Referee refunds will be mailed out within 21 days providing that all referee requirements have been completed.


Applications and Checks must be received by November 15, 2012. All applications are taken on a first come first serve basis. NOTE: Tournament may fill up before the November 15th due date.


Tournament Director 

Wendy Bell

5259 Doris Way

Torrance, CA