Revised August 13, 2008

Each Region in Area 1F must comply with the following guidelines for teams formed after the Fall season for AYSO secondary play (ďTravel TeamsĒ):

  1. .                     Date for Final Team Selection.  Each Region shall be permitted to specify any desired date to initiate the Travel Team formation process. Notwithstanding when the selection process starts, Travel Team rosters may not be finalized prior to October 15 each year. 

  2.   .                  Fall Season Teams Have Priority.  Travel Team activities cannot conflict with each Regionís regular fall season program.  In the event of a potential conflict, fall season activities must be given priority. 

  3.   .                  AYSO Philosophy.  The formation process for all Travel Teams must adhere to all applicable AYSO philosophies at all times.  In the event that more than one Travel Team is formed for a particular age group (as such age groups are organized in each Region), the teams must be balanced.  Each Region should try to accommodate as many Travel Teams as possible.

  4.   .                  Selection of Players and Coaches.  Travel Team coaches and players shall be selected based upon experience, skill, good sportsmanship, character and commitment.  In order to be eligible for a U14 or younger Travel Team, each player must have played, and each coach must have coached, in at least three-quarters of all regularly scheduled fall season games except as affected by injury or illness.  In order to be eligible for a U16 or U19 Travel Team, each player must have played, and each coach must have coached, in at least one-half of all regularly scheduled fall season games except as affected by injury or illness.  Travel Team coaches must be registered as a volunteer in the current membership year, must have satisfied all Safe Haven courses and requirements and must be trained at the age/skill level of the team that they coach (U-10 Coach for U-10, U-12 Coach for U-12; Intermediate Coach for U-14; and Advanced Coach for U-16 or U-19).

  5.   .                  Team Expenses.  All Travel Teams must be self-funded.  Team parents must be informed in advance of all estimated expenses and all travel commitments, if any.  All Travel Teams must submit a team budget to their respective Regional Commissioner by not later than one month after team formation.  The budget shall specify the sources of all monies to be collected and must list all anticipated expenditures.  Travel Team parents shall make all payments for budgeted expenses directly to the Regional Treasurer who will hold such funds in trust for the Team and then disburse them as required to pay for the Travel Teamís actual expenses.  In the event that a Travel Team holds a fund raiser, any monies raised must be sent directly to the Regional Treasurer.   Upon completion of the Travel Teamís season, any excess funds will be distributed by the Regional Treasurer directly to the Travel Team parents by not later than two weeks after the Travel Teamís final tournament.  In the event that the Travel Team holds a fund raising event, any funds left over from such event will remain the property of the Region.

  6.   .                  Player and Coach Retention.  Players and coaches cannot be guaranteed participation on a Travel Team from year-to-year.

  7.             Approval.  Regional Commissioners must approve each Travel Team coach prior to the formation of the Travel Team.   Prior to finalizing the team roster for such team, the Regional Commissioner shall also review and approve all proposed rosters.  Travel Teams shall not be permitted to participate in any extracurricular activity without prior approval of the coach, players and roster by the Regional Commissioner.  Once the rosters have been finalized and approved, players may not be dropped from the Travel Team without the prior approval of the Regional Commissioner.  Each Region must submit a copy of each approved roster to the Area Director. In the event that two or more Regions desire to form a combined U-16 or U-19 Travel Team due to limited numbers of eligible players, this team must be approved by both Regional Commissioners as well as the Area Director.  If approved, this team must play together for all secondary play with the exception of the National Games.