Game Card Printer Simply fill in one side of the game card and it automatically fills in a second card. Create and print all the game cards you need for the upcoming season.

Create your game cards: Card Printer

Area 1F Game Card Printer should work on almost any printer. If your printer will not accept the perforated stock, contact your division coordinator to get blank, preprinted cards that can be filled in by hand. The Area will provide enough Game Card Printer stock to cover the entire season's game schedule, plus at least two extra sheets. Please note: you will not be able to save your teams' data on the internet. Once you close the Game Card Printer page, the data will be gone.

  1. It is best to have all the information you need for the game cards before you start entering the data (Region, Team Number, Division, Team Name, Color, etc.). You must have each of your players jersey number and first and last names.
  2. Use your mouse pointer to click on the down arrow next to "Region." Choose your region, then use the mouse pointer to click on the down arrow next to Team #, select your number and use your mouse pointer on the down arrow next to Division. The rest of the form maybe filled in using your TAB key (or your mouse pointer,) but not the ENTER key
  1. You cannot fill in the Date, Time or Field on this form. Fill those in by hand on game day.


  2. VERY IMPORTANT: Players’ names MUST BE entered in numerical order

  3. Once you've filled in the card and are satisfied that it is correct, click on the PRINT GAME CARD button at the bottom of the form. Print ONE copy to be sure it works on your printer, then print out all the cards you will need for the season.

If a player drops from your team or a new player is added after your team cards are printed, you may handwrite that player's name at the bottom of your printed cards.

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