Area 1F Staff

Mailing Address:
4733 Torrance, Blvd, #397
Torrance, CA 90503

If you need to contact an Area 1F staff member by telephone,
please be respectful and remember to do so at a reasonable hour, specifically meaning not later than 9:00 p.m

Position Contact Phone Number FAX Number
Area Director Fred Silver (310) 634-5720
Ass't Area Director Larry Vanden Bos (323) 826-2159  
Area Secretary Denise Noguera-Zagala (310)880-7093  
Area Child & Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA) Gene Ogle (310) 542-1089 (310) 542-1089
Area Coach Administrator Ed Mannes (310) 213-1399  
Area Coach Trainer/Instructor Darrick Clark (310) 347-7958  
Area Goal Keeper Instructor Anthony Bantula (310)938-7820  
Area Referee Administrator James Marsella (310) 793-8245  
Area Director of Ref. Assessment Ed McClure (310) 378-6125  
Area Referee Director of Instruction Geoff Falk (619)251-5828  
Assistant Area Referee Director of Instruction      
Area Treasurer Cyndy Alatorre (310)386-6581  
Area Auditor Dave Howard (310) 325-6336  
Area Management Administrator Dave Howard (310) 325-6336  
Area Managerment Instructor Torie Tinder    
Area Managerment Instructor Steve Morgan (310) 502-4488  
Area Tournament Director Fred Silver (310) 634-5720  
Area Upper  and Lower Division
Inter-Regional Scheduler
Fred Silver (310) 634-5720  
Area VIP Director Cathy Howard (310) 325-6336
Area Safety Director Jim Dingman (310)344-0688  
Area Webmaster Bob Kircher (310)542-5189